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About Beagle Dog

The Beagle dog is strong, with a short, soft coat of fur. This specific breed has recognizable color of black and white with orange hue that can be either red or yellow. It has large dark eyes and soft floppy ears. The Beagle dog dones a square shaped nose with a broad jaw that is proportionate to its face and head.

The Beagle dog is is loving and friendly. The beagle dog is also predictably loyal and courageous. Beagles are energetic and very curious about their surroundings. They need to be around people and enjoy attention. The beagle breed has a characteristically excellent temperament with children and gets along nicely with other dogs. These attributes make Beagle dogs a perfect family pet.

This dog breed can be a bit stubborn and have an independent streak that must be structured with proper Beagle dog obedience training. The beagle dog is a natural hunting breed. They are instinctive hunters and have a strong sense of smell making them an excellent companion as a retriever for bird hunters.

The beagle dog needs daily vigorous exercise and responds well to playful interaction.

Beagle Puppies For Sale

Finding Beagle puppies for sale can be a challenging task, but we are here to assist you with that. When choosing the right Beagle puppies for sale it is important to ask all the right questions and find the right Beagle puppies for sale breeder. Breeder fraud on the internet is a risk, so we've also included some beagle puppies for sale tips to help protect you when buying beagle puppies online.

Reputable and trustworthy Beagle dog breeders will be more than happy to respond to your questions about one of their Beagle puppies for sale and will be just as concerned about the sort of family they are selling one of their Beagle puppy. Remember: It is up to both the Beagle Buyer and the Beagle Breeder to be comfortable with one another and to ensure that the Beagle puppy has been and will be treated properly.

Beagle Dog Training

Beagle dog training with a crate is one of the best way to house break your beagle dog. Crate training also provides a safe place for you to watch your Beagle when you can't be immediately available and is a comfortable place for your puppy to sleep. Using the crate as a place to sleep will assist with Beagle raining because dogs normally won't go potty in their sleeping area. Young Beagles don't have the muscles to always control their bladder so be aware. As your Beagle grows up and becomes used to the crate he will be able to hold his bladder longer.

Implement crate beagle training as soon as you can. Select a crate that is the right size for your Beagle. The crate should be in a place out of the way, but near the area of activity so your Beagle dog hears and sees the regular sounds, sights and smells of his home.

Your Beagle training will be smoother if you are consistent when he is in his crate. Take him outside to go potty right before you put him in the crate for the night. Most importantly, remember that love and patience are the key to success when Beagle training your beagle puppy. You will see amazing results if you follow these simple rules.

Beagles Information

Beagles are adorable dogs and are simply lovable. The large, bright, brown eyes and the sharp nose combined with the playful personality. Everyone should have a Beagle dog and on this website there is great beagles information so you will know why. Beagles were first made popular by the Peanuts character - Snoopy. Beagles were bred in Europe to hunt rabbits and hares because of their keen sense of smell. They are a very energetic dog and require social interaction. Beagles are also a very curious breed of dog and are highly intelligent.

Beagles make and excellent family companion because they are extremely loyal, have a perfect temperament and enjoy human interaction. Beagle training can sometimes be a challenge because they have a terrific sense of smell and become easily distracted until properly trained. This particular breed is an excellent companion dog and one great with children and other pets.

Miniature Beagles

Miniature Beagles are known as "designer dogs". Although designer dogs can include hybrids and mixes for the desired result, many designer dog breeders focus their efforts at producing miniature versions of popular breeds. Officially the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not recognize a breed called "Miniature Beagles". "Miniature Beagles" seems to be more of an advertising gimmick to catch the eyes of someone who is looking specifically for a small dog. With the popularity of small dogs used as fashion accessories by starlets like Paris Hilton, any small dog that looks different from the usual suspect breeds will draw attention.

Beagles are officially shown in two classes in AKC sanctioned shows. Beagles are measured at their withers like horses in order to determine how tall they are. There is an over thirteen inches high class and a less than thirteen inches high class. The average height of a Beagle is thirteen inches. Although a Beagle over fifteen inches tall is disqualified there is no lower height limit.

Although miniature Beagles are more unpredictable in behavior than Beagles, they do share some things in common (besides looks). They usually are highly trainable and highly motivated by food rewards. Observe to see what treat your miniature Beagle goes wild for and reserve that treat for training sessions only. Beware of any Beagle eating himself sick. And don’t leave out any food on the counter unsupervised! Some miniature Beagles have been trained to use a cat litter box.