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Coton De Tulear - Appearance

Coton de Tulear dogs have close Bichon ties. The breed looks very similar to the Bichon Frise, yet has some distinct characteristics. The Coton de Tulear dog is a small companion that brightens up the life of its owner by numerous tricks and affectionate personality. Its appearance is that of a fluffy ball. Coton de Tulear dogs can come in white and black and white colors. Breeders usually prefer white dogs. The coat is fluffy and more cottony rather than silky. It needs much grooming.

Coton Duvernay

Though the breed is now new, it is still rare. The AKC does not recognize the Coton de Tulear dog. However, Cotons can be registered with the FCI, CKC, and the NZKC. According to the UKC standard, the Coton de Tulear should be about 10-11 inches in height. This figure is considered ideal. Males usually stand from 9 to 12.5 inches. Females are smaller, as a rule. Weight is about 8-13 pounds. Proportion is very important for a dog.

The tail is never docked. It is usually carried between the hocks. However, when a dog is on alert, the tail is carried over the back. The Coton de Tulear moves usually at the trot. The Coton de Tulear has small dark eyes with intelligent and alert expression.

Coton De Tulear - What's Good about Them?

Coton de Tulear dogs are recommended for people with allergies. They have sweet personality, which allows them to be used as pets for families with small children. The Coton de Tulear will always be glad to accompany one in short trips and spend a few hours with its owners playing or lying near by. The breed is good for city dwellers. It is fairly active indoors and does not need long walking sessions. Cotons do not have special diet requirements. Cotons are OK with a few small meals a day.

Coton De Tulear - Alert

The Coton de Tulear is an intelligent dog. Nevertheless, it is likely to be mischievous if not properly trained. The dog is said to have a mind of its own and does not always obey the owner. The situation is aggravated by the fact that many owners overlook the importance of obedience training for this small dog. It will never do to forget that all dogs need obedience training no matter what the size is. Hence, Coton de Tulears should be trained from an early age.

Coton De Tulear - History

It is believed that Coton de Tulear dogs arrived at Madagascar in the 15th century. They traveled there with sailors that took these dogs along for company. The ancestors of the Coton de Tulear dog also served as ratters. It is believed that the dogs were crossed with native terrier breeds in Madagascar. They were loved by the noble that resided mostly in the Tulear area. The breed acquired its name due to this very place.a
As the breed was improved, it started to appear in Europe. The British and the French were the most devoted Coton de Tulear fanciers. Thanks to them, the breed spread across Europe. However, it is still rare in Europe and the United States. The FCI recognized the breed in 1971.

There is no official standard for the breed in the United States. There are a few varieties of the Coton de Tulear. They are the European, Malagasy, and American Cotons. Breeders have a choice to make. The popularity of the breed seems to be on the rise. If Coton de Tulear dogs become very popular and acquire a great number of fanciers, the AKC will probably recognize the breed, which is sure to be of benefit.

Coton De Tulear - Breeders - Rescues

Good Coton de Tulear breeders are concerned about the future welfare of their puppies. Request to see the mother and/or father of the litter. Is their temperament one that would fit your life style? If so, the puppy will probably be a good pet. A good breeder will ask you, the prospective buyer, about fencing, training, prior pets and more. The breeder will supply a pedigree, registration application, guarantee and medical records, as well as information about the breed and their dogs. Be sure to ask about a sales contract, it will be beneficial to the buyer(s), seller(s) and the Coton.

CukotonAn excellent place to meet Coton breeders is Dog shows. If the exhibitor doesn't have puppies, they'll be likely to put you in contact with someone who does. A contentious breeder will sell to a pet shop or a broker. A breeder will give you lifetime support and knowledgeable advice.

Coton De Tulear - Rescues

A rescue Coton is not just "a cheap way to get a Coton." True, Coton puppies are not inexpensive, and Rescue Cotons can be obtained for a very low initial cost (in most cases, about plus shipping). But all Rescue Cotons require special attention. Most are middle or old aged (e.g., about 10 years old; Cotons live, on average, more than 15 years). Some may have a continuing need for medication. Most will need tender loving care to adapt to their new home. Many Cotons will require leash and house training.

Coton De Tulear - Breed Organizations

Coton De Tulear - Breed Organizations - US

American Coton Club - Emphasizes health and education for dogs, breeders and owners through Internet forums and American Coton Magazine. Site includes breeder listing, news, show calendars, and information about rescue and genetic health.

United States of America Coton de Tulear Club - Promoting the breed through conformation shows. Club affiliations and membership application, FCI breed standard, health articles, rescue information, list of breeders, shows, and links.

USACTC Coton Rescue - Rescue information and profiles of available Coton de Tulears.

Coton De Tulear - Breed Organizations - International

Coton de Tulear Club of Germany - Club information and breed profile. Contains Coton de Tulear standard and a list of breeders. Germany.

The Coton de Tulear Club of the United Kingdom - This website of The Coton de Tulear Club of the United Kingdom (proposed) is intended to promote understanding and to provide help and advice of this wonderful companion breed.

Coton De Tulear - Breed Education

Hopefully, all breeders and owners of Coton de Tulear dogs try to educate themselves on the issue of owning the breed. Very often, they are devoted to their pets to the point of adoration. We all know what it is like to talk with such people. They will gladly share their experience with the dogs and tell you stories about their pets in detail. They seem to burst with emotions and can easily infect other people with love for this breed.

However, one should be careful not to forget that breed owners are not always objective when it comes to discussing the dog's peculiarities. They see mostly the positive sides of owning the Coton de Tulear. Meanwhile, any breed has both advantages and disadvantages, which is why it is wise to explore the breed before purchasing a dog. Breed education is usually obtained in books, breed clubs, shows, and personal communication with Coton de Tulear owners.

Breed owners can take part in agility. This vigorous activity will help to strengthen the relationship between the owner and the dog. Coton de Tulear dogs make good agility competitors due to their energy and desire to always be involved in "public matters."


Coton De Tulear - Summary

  • Despite the wonderful qualities of the Coton de Tulear, it is, surely, not for everyone.
  • The breed's fluffy coat needs much grooming.
  • It should be done on a regular basis to avoid matted hairs.
  • Brushing should be very careful.
  • Dead hairs that are not removed in due time tend to mat or stick to clothes and furniture.

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