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Dog Allergies and Hypoallergenic Foods

Vet prescribed pet food, costly allergy tests, special supplements, pet vitamins and the list goes on and on.

What should you do when and if your vet tells you it’s dog allergies? You must first find out what he’s allergic to. It could be so many different allergens in your home. schipperke with dog allergy that can be caused by diet or surroundings is a problem that more and more pet owners are facing your dog may be allergic to food, commercial pet food, shampoos, toxic cleaners, fleas and other pests. Read more about dog food allergy.


10 Most Common Symptoms of Allergic Reaction

  1. Diarrhea
  2. Ear infection
  3. Hives
  4. Itchiness
  5. Itchy ears
  6. Itchy or runny eyes
  7. Licking constantly
  8. Red or inflamed skin
  9. Sneezing
  10. Swelling of the face parts
  11. Vomiting

If your dog has skin allergies it is usually something in your environment. You should check to see if you have anything toxic in your home, like detergents, floor cleaner (if your dog licks the floor he might be getting toxins on his feet then when he licks his feet it is ingested). Read more about environmental allergy

What about outdoors? Do you spray the grass with weed killers? Do you apply other chemicals to the areas around the house? Read more about poisons your pet can come in contact with

I have found that commercial dog food is often the culprit when it comes to pet allergies.

Canines in the wild do not eat corn or wheat, yet these two grains are often the main ingredient in commercial pet food. Just take a look at any canned food label and see if corn or wheat doesn't present itself as the first ingredient (and therefore the biggest percentage of all the ingredients in the commercial pet food your are paying a lot of money for) in the list of what's in the dog kibble you are buying.

Which dogs are the best for allergies?

I have had both Cairn Terriers and West Highland White Terriers who not only make a great city dog but both are low in dog dander, which is a leading cause of allergies of people who are allergic to dogs. There are more than 10 breeds of dogs which make a good pet for an allergic person. One of the best dogs for allergies is a Poodle!

When I was 6 years old I developed allergies to dogs. We don't know where it came from but suddenly whenever I held our puppy I started scratching and would developed a rash of tiny red bumps all over my arms and hands where I had held her. For years I thought I would be fore ever allergic to dogs but in my teens my body decided it wasn't allergic anymore and I could once again have a dog. I thought about all the pet lovers who were unable to have a dog or cat because of allergies. Most animal allergies develop because of a persons allergic reaction to dog dander.

I am going to list the other dog breeds that are low in dander and shedding and should help you narrow your search for Allergy Friendly Dog Breeds. Some breeds come very close to being hypoallergenic they include many terrier breeds (including the Kerry Blue and the soft-coated Wheaten), Poodles of all types, and Schnauzers of all types. Dog food alergies and alergy.

Most dogs and cats have skin that flakes off and can cause an allergic reaction but there are some dog and cats that have a low risk of allergic reaction. I will list the dogs that have a lowered risk of allergic reactions to their owners. Simply put, because of their skin and coat, they shed less and therefore is less dander and hair in the air and this makes them perfect as a pet for allergic owners.

I myself have had allergies all my life. Every single Spring I start sneezing. It also happens in the fall when the land dries out and allergens are once again in the air. I did some research before I bought my dog because I knew I had always suffered from dander allergies. I hit the books and came up with two breeds of dog; the Cairn Terrier and the West Highland White Terrier. I've had three Cairn Terriers and two West Highland White Terriers and can tell you they are the best little dogs and perfect for me and my allergies.

Dog dander is one of the leading causes of allergies. People have dander too and slough off these dead skin everyday as our bodies keep making new skin to replace the old. Dogs are the same way and if you look at a dogs coat and brush it you will see the hair and dander left on the brush. It's a natural thing. Every see a guy with dandruff? Same thing. Although the guy with dandruff has too much of it and should treat it with a good dandruff shampoo.404

The dog I chose to live with those many years ago was a Cairn Terrier. Cairn terriers are one of about 10 breeds that do not shed much and are happy in the city. I have had three Cairn terriers in my life and I never had allergy problems with them. They are smart and sturdy and perfect for apartment or condo living. But they are terriers and that means they can be stubborn and are quite the barker. They do not like to be messed with, so a young child might not be the perfect match for any terrier. keep that in mind when looking for a terrier.

Another dog which is a best dog for allergies is the West Highland White Terrier from Scotland. They are a close cousin of the Cairn Terrier and are sturdy and very pretty. Their coat is snowy white and while the Cairn terrier can be any color but white, these dogs are always white. In fact the way the breed developed was sometimes in Cairn Terrier litters would be born a white dog. These white terriers eventually became their own breed and now are a favorite of people around the world.

I would strongly suggest that before you buy any dog that you spend some time with them to see if you develop an allergic reaction. If you are thinking of buying a puppy be sure to spend some time with a grown dog, perhaps the mother or father of the puppies and see if you fare well with the breed.

  • Bedlington Terrier
  • Bichon Frise
  • Chinese Crested
  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Kerry Blue Terrier
  • Maltese
  • Poodle
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Schnauzer (Miniature, Standard or Giant)
  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Here is a list of dogs that will do very well with a person with allergies:

I would strongly suggest that before you buy any dog that you spend some time with them to see if you develop an allergic reaction. If you are thinking of buying a puppy be sure to spend some time with a grown dog, perhaps the mother or father of the puppies and see if you fare well with the breed.

  • Bedlington Terrier
  • Bichon Frise
  • Chinese Crested
  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Kerry Blue Terrier
  • Maltese
  • Poodle
  • Portuguese Water Dog
  • Schnauzer (Miniature, Standard or Giant)
  • Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Take your dog for a walk and play with him every day

I can’t express how important for you to walk your dog every day. It will not only do him a world of good and help keep him healthy but it just might save your life too!
You probably have a big yard and don’t think that your dog needs exercise but a walk is more than exercise to a dog.

Dog’s live in packs. When they don’t have a pack they adopt the family as his pack. You will have to be the alpha dog in this pack or your dog will get away with murder!

Taking him on a walk on a leash will simulate running with the pack. He needs to smell every scent and probably mark his scent along the way. He needs to run with the pack (that would be you) and he needs to obey you. He is checking our his territory and needs to do this for his self esteem and mental health. I’m not kidding here. This is all true. Ask any good dog expert.

My doctor asked me how much exercise I got every day and I told him that I walked my dogs each day. Do you know what he said to me? He said “your walking your dogs is probably saving your life”. Cool, huh?

Walk your dog. It’s good for him and good for you plus there is a great deal of bonding that goes on when you walk your dog. Plus it’s a great way to meet someone single! So do both of you a favor and go “run with the pack”.

Buy hypoallergenic dog food for your pet

I took my brother to the store to buy puppy food and as we walked down the isle we were surprised to see so many different brands in all sizes of bags in bright colors stating that their dog was the best most nutritious and pure.
What a pack of lies! No wonder there are so many dog allergies.

What dog owners should be buying is hypoallergenic food for their pet. I showed my brother where to look to find out just what was in each bag. We picked up bag after bag of kibble and most of the main ingredient was corn. I don't know about you but none of my dogs went out of their way to eat corn. Yeah maybe the kind buttered and salted and right off my plate but not the poor quality corn that is usually reserved for cattle feed.

Not only was corn the main ingredient but wheat was also highly prominent. Why do we keep our farmers from growing crops? In fact we pay them to not grow crops and then turn around and buy poisoned grain (wheat) from China?

Poisoned dog food

This is what happened in the Dog Food Recall. Poisoned wheat was bought from Canada who had purchased it's wheat from China.

I don't trust or advise buying dog kibble from pet shops or markets. Do your homework and find a good kibble with more wholesome ingredients from the internet. Many different dog food makers are out there and many are happy to send you samples and you can read the ingredients right on the internet. Without dog allergies our lives would indeed be simpler and our pets live longer.

Dog Diet

An elimination diet is really simple but tedious. If done correctly it will identify the foods that are causing allergies and make your canine a happy dog.

If you are cooking for your pooch you are already half way there. Check your ingredients and then start feeding each ingredient by itself and watch for any allergies reaction.

I would first pare down the recipe to the protein and see if your canine is allergic to the protein in the food. I was using Turkey as my protein source and my dog kept throwing up. As soon as I eliminated the turkey, he got better. Same with pork. He could not eat it so out it went. He did tolerate the chicken really well so that stayed in the diet. That was my first step in avoiding allergies.

I also tried lamb and found it was much to greasy for my pet’s stomach so I tried to keep the protein to the lean varieties and choose the ones that were holistic or hypoallergenic which means no hormones, antibiotics or steroids injected into the meat source.

Next I fed him a vegetable to see if he tolerated it (broccoli). Next I tested for carrots. All was fine. No allergies.

Do you get the idea? Feed each food and watch for a reaction. If your canine throws up, scratches, looks dull and feeling down then you’ve identified a bad food that your canine is allergic to.

Homemade Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food so that you know exactly what your dog is eating
I cook for my dogs and they are happier and their coats look shiny, healthy and thick since I’ve been making homemade dog food.
homemade dog food that you can make in your kitchen for your pet.
Cooking homemade dog food for your dog is not hard to do. There are many free dog food recipes on the web. There are even books written on the subject but beware of the e-books that promise too much and that your dog will die if you don’t use their books. These are scams to get your money when you can go to your local book store and get a better and more well written book for less money.

If your dog has dog allergies, you will want to feed your dog organic food as I hope you are eating the same kind. You can feed them the same food you feed your family just remember to never feed your dogs sugar, onions or garlic.

Sugar will cause their teeth to decay because in the wild a dog is never given the chance to ear sugar.

Onions and garlic break down a dog's red blood cells, leading to anemia and possible kidney failure from leaking hemoglobin. Many people think it’s OK to feed a dog garlic to get rid of worms but it does have a cumulative affect on their kidneys.

Some of the ingredients you should use in your homemade dog food are protein, rice, bone meal, vitamins for dogs, chicken, turkey or beef without the hormones. And don’t forget the water. Please give yourself and your pets filtered water. There are hormones and drugs in our water system and none of us need these chemicals and drugs in our bodies.

Dog Nutrition

Dog Nutrition and what it means to your dog.
Dog nutrition - it will help your dog live a longer life
I am always looking at alternatives to pet shop dog food and scrutinizing the labels for nutrition contents.

They want to know what exactly what is in the dog food I purchase. I believe the dog food manufacturers that don't pay attention to consumers and their concerns will pay a heavy price at the cash register. Simply put, we will not buy dog food that doesn't have good ingredients in it. In fact we will boycott it and tell our friends not to buy it.

Just as we have started a boycott of Chinese goods, we will take a stand against dog food companies who have not implemented changes in their product and have just left things the way they are with less that adequate nutrition. They are fools and deserve what they will get; lower than average sales.

Holistic dog food for Canines
Dogs Nutrition is critical for a healthy dog.

Becoming more and more popular, holistic dog food recipes are being sought after because of the dog nutrition in them. There are many articles written about holistic dog nutrition and I have something to say about them. My dog has been eating holistic dog food for many years and has been a picky eater. He has always had food allergies and finding a dog food that agrees with him has been hard. I fed him bench and fields for quiet a while and thought I was giving him the very best food because it said it was a Holistic dog food. What I didn't realize was that most all dog food out there had wheat and corn in it. You know, the poisoned wheat from Canada and the bio-engineered corn from the USA. That was never a good idea but we couldn't stop it. When my dog got really sick during the dog food recall, my dog food manufacturer quietly took some of it's dog food off the shelves and came up with a new formula that doesn't include wheat or corn.

What an improvement! My dog started eating more, had less incidents of illness and started playing again. I decided the culprits were wheat and corn. What works for my dogs is Hills Prescription diet of Venison and potato. This new dog food replaced others they had on the shelves. They removed Hill's gravy so I substituted Hill's ID. I hope you can also find the right dog food for you dog as I did. I also cook for my dog and have several dog food recipes that you can use.

Dog Junk Food

If you feed your dog junk food you can expect a life expectancy of about 7 years.
Wouldn’t you like to keep your dog around a little longer?
Feeding your dog the right kind of food is what it’s all about for a healthy life span.

I just got home from a visit to Hawaii. I spoke to many people there about their dogs.

As I talked to them I learned that although the pet food business is a big industry here, it's not so big a deal in Hawaii. They feed their dogs more table food and junk food! Not a good practice because feeding junk food will cause your dog to get cavities and harm the kidneys.

I saw one poor dog with two abscessed teeth. It could hardly chew it's food yet it's owners were oblivious to the fact they were killing their dog by feeding it KFC and candies. I told them if they did not have those teeth removed the dog would suffer liver and kidney failure from the poisons going into those organs.

They didn’t listen to me even when I offered to pay for the vet to remove the teeth. They rather have the money to spend on other things.

Look at any packaged food stuff and in the ingredients you will find sugar, sodium (salt) and trans fats, saturated fats and animal fat. It’s bad for people but if you don’t care about what it does to you, care about what it does to your dog. It will shorten his life expectancy, cause damage to his teeth which in turn will cause damage to his liver and kidneys, as the pus and infection drains into liver and kidneys.

Feeding your dog table food is not a bad idea if you are into healthy foods but junk food like Mc Donald’s, Burger Kind, Taco Bell, Carl’s Junior, and any chain restaurants use lots of salt, sugar and saturated fats. This is unhealthy for people and very bad for dogs.

Dogs should never eat sugar. Sugar is found in Mc Donald’s French fries. If a dog eats sugar, he will develop cavities. If he doesn’t eat sugar, no cavities.

Keep your dog away from Junk foods. It will lengthen his life by about four to 6 years. Isn’t it worth it?

Dog Poisonings

Dog Poisonings can happen without you even knowing it. Cats will drink antifreeze and dogs will walk on pesticide sprayed lawns and you will not know.
I live in a big condo complex in California. We pay a hefty prices for gardening and the upkeep of our beautiful grounds.

But here’s what the HOA is not telling you about dog poisons.

Every month or so our HOA has the gardeners spray pesticides on the grass and in the flower beds to kill the weeds and could kill our pets if ingested.

They put up little flags for a day or two so that we don’t let our children or pets near the poisoned areas.

What most people don’t know is that after they take down the flags the poison can still be activated by rain or sprinklers.

My dog almost died one day and I had no idea why she got so sick.

The night before I took her for a walk. The sprinklers had been on and her feet got wet. When we got back up to our condo she started licking her paws. The sprinklers activated the poisons, they transferred to her feet and when she licked them dry she ingested poisons.

The next day she was curled up in a ball and shaking. She was so sick. Her eyes were glazed and she could hardly open her eyes. She couldn’t walk. Don’t let this happen to your dog!

If you see your dog acting this way take them to the vet right away! The poisons can be neutralized by the vets.

Also, if you walk you dog on grass don’t assume it’s free from poisons. After your walk plop your dog in the bathtub and wash his feet. I’ve been doing this every since that incident and have not had any more problems.

For most poisonings, there is not much you can do at home. Put your do g in the car and get to an emergency dog hospital as soon as possible. For some ingested poisons, your veterinarian may recommend inducing vomiting before bringing the dog in for examination and treatment. Inducing vomiting of a toxic substance should never be done unless specifically directed by a veterinarian. For topical exposures, bathing in lukewarm water with a mild dish soap can reduce further toxin absorption before the dog is examined and treated by a veterinarian.

Organophosphates, identified as malathion, diazinon, and fenthion, and carbamates, most commonly known as carbaryl and carbofuran, are neurological poisons found in lawn and garden pesticides and flea and tick products. Signs of toxicity include apprehension, excessive salivation, urination, defecation, vomiting and diarrhea, and pinpoint pupils. If an animal has absorbed enough of any neurological toxin, sudden death may be the only sign.

Dog Toxic allergens

If your dog has skin allergies it is usually something in your environment.
Toxic allergens are everywhere - are they making your dog sick and causing dog allergies?
Just as fragrance filled detergents, soaps and floor cleaners can make a human sneeze, a dog, with his much more sensitive nose can also cause dog allergies.

if your dog licks the floor he might be getting toxins on his feet then when he licks his feet it is ingested. If food is dropped on the floor of the kitchen and your dog is faster than you are getting to it, he might also be ingesting whatever cleaner is on the floor.

What about outdoors where your dog plays? Do you spray the grass with weed killers? Do you apply other chemicals to the areas around the house? These are all toxic to your dog.

Be careful during wet weather. Old pesticides can be reactivated when it rains. Read more about pesticides

The most common type of dog allergies is the inhalant type. Dogs may be allergic to all of the same inhaled allergens that affect humans. These include tree pollens, grass pollens, ragweed pollens, molds, mildew, and the house dust mite. Many of these allergies occur seasonally, such as ragweed, tree, and grass pollens. Others are with us all the time, such as molds, mildew, and house dust mites. The dog's reaction usually produces severe, generalized itching. In fact, the most common cause of itching in the dog is something your dog has inhaled. Watch out for your dog and keep household allergens in mind if your dog looks a little under the weather. By all means, get your dog to the vet once a year!

Dog Pest Fleas

Flea bites on a dog can cause allergies to flare up.
Flea bites, Ticks and Mite bites can cause your dog to scratch until it makes you crazy! Is your dog scratching all the time from flea bites?
But just think how the dog feels! Always itchy always scratching, biting his back and feet and even his legs.

If your dog is happily wandering around the house with not a care in the world and stops in his tracks and starts biting his back in a frenzy, then you can be sure it’s a flea.

You can find a great tool called (what else?) flea combs help you deal with fleas allergiesa fleas comb and can be purchased at your vets office or local pet shop.

Along with regular brushing a bath once a week is needed for control fleas.

Buy a good flea medicated shampoo (ask your vet) and bath your dog with it while being careful not to get it into his eyes.

If you suspect fleas in the house my vet gave me some carpet spray so that I could treat the carpet too. I also washed all the bedding and blankets and toys my dogs play or sleep with.

You have to be vigilant all through the summer months to control flea bites. Where I live there are many dogs, fleas are common problem in the areas that dogs are walked. We have special areas set up for dogs and guess where all the flea bites come from. Yep, the pooches corner.

Grooming your dog

Grooming your dog will help alleviate allergies and pet dander
Grooming your dog is one of the most important things you can do to prevent allergies. Not only does it strengthen the bond between your and your pet but it helps you find problems in the skin and fur before the problem gets out of hand.

Canine Shampoo

Grooming your new dog so you can stay allergy free
Regular brushing helps eliminate tangles and mats and helps your dog get accustomed to being handled. It also gives you the opportunity to check for ticks and fleas, lesions, lumps and changes in his skin and coat. Pet-supply stores and catalogs sell a wide array of brushes for different coats and conditions.

Slicker brushes have a bed of fine, closely spaced wires that usually are hooked or bent; they're good all-purpose brushes for removing mats, loose hair and debris.

Pin brushes have a bed of widely spaced tines that look like straight pins. The tines sometimes are tipped with plastic. Pin brushes are also good for removing tangles but can be uncomfortable for grooming temperature. dogs.

Bristle brushes and metal combs are used in the final grooming step for longhaired dogs, leaving their hair sleek, smooth and shiny. A bristle brush may be the only brush you'll need for a short haired dog.

Begin the brushing process with a slicker or pin brush to remove dead hair, debris and tangles. For breeds with long and very thick coats, you should groom with both brushes, using the slicker brush first.

For tough tangles, gently comb or brush small sections at a time, giving yourself and your dog a break every few minutes. Be careful not to tug at or tear the hair.

After the coat is smooth, give your dog a final brushing with a bristle brush (for short haired dogs) or a comb (for longhaired dogs). Give plenty of praise during the brushing process and reward your dog with a treat when you're finished.

Bath time is much easier after you’ve brushed your dog and have gotten all the tangles and mats out. Place your dog in in the bathtub with a nonskid surface. Buy an attachment for your shower that will allow you to spray water over your dog like they use at the groomers avoiding the head. The head will be washed last and will help you out because your dog won’t shake as much and get you wet!

Soap your dog's body with a dog shampoo, then massage the soap into a lather, talking to your dog and praising him as you work. When his body is lathered, move to his head and apply a baby shampoo so that if you get any soap in his eyes it won’t hurt.

Rinse and dry your dog's head, then rinse his body. When the water runs clear, rinse one more time.

Thoroughly dry your dog with towels. If your dog has healthy skin, you can dry him further with a hair dryer set on low or warm temperature.

Bathe smaller dogs such as poodles and schnauzers every two or three weeks, except in the winter when once a month probably will do. Larger pets need bathing several times a year. Of course, always wash a pet when it is dirty or smells, regardless of when it was last bathed.

Proper foot care will keep your doggie dancing and help prevent unnecessary pain and infection later on. Most dogs don't like to have their feet handled. In fact they hate it!

Remove mats of hair from between the toes and pads of dogs with hairy feet; if ignored, the mats can become as hard as rocks. Then, using scissors, trim the hair between the pads and between the toes so it is level with the dog's foot.

Regular exercise on a hard surface may keep a dog's nails worn down. However, many dogs live indoors and their walks are just not enough to keep those nail at a length that they should be. You will need to have their nails clipped every few weeks. If your dog has dewclaws (the smaller claw on the back of each front leg, they will need clipping too. If the nails or dewclaws are allowed to grow, they may curl inward into the skin and cause pain and even an infection.

Use nail clippers designed specifically for dogs. One type, known as the guillotine style, is not a good choice. The type works like a pair of scissors is much better. I have used both and the scissors type is much better type & puts less pressure on the nail and is more comfortable for the dog. Make sure the blades are sharp.

Trim only the "hook" end of the nail. Clipping a nail to short can be painful and may cause bleeding. Frequent trimming of a small amount of nail always is better than waiting until the nail is long. Never trim into the quick -- the live portion of the nail. If your dogs nail are black then trim carefully and note how much you’ve cut off the nail. then cut the other nails being careful not to cut too much. Imagine the torture of having your nails pulled off by some crazy person. Now imagine that pain when you clip your dogs nails too short and they bleed.

When to take your dog to visit the Vet?

Your dog should visit the vet once a year. It's not that costly and will help your pet live a long life
It seems like only yesterday your dog was a little bundle of fur tearing up your house with his chewing on things.

In fact, relatively speaking, it was only a short time ago. Most dogs live no more than 15 or 16 years, and for some larger breeds, 10 years is the usual life span
Like their owners, many pets live to a healthy old age, while others may experience increasing problems from mild aches and pains to more serious conditions such as tumors or Cushings Disease as the years go by. While you can't reverse the hands of time, there's a lot you can do to keep an old friend comfortable and by your side for a long time to come.

As soon as you bring your puppy home you should schedule the first visit to the Vet. The puppy needs to be checked for worms and she/he will need to get their puppy shots. They also will need to be wormed because every puppy gets worms. Read here how and why a puppy gets worms.

Then take your dog to the vet every year for a routine check up just like you should be doing for yourself. This gives the vet a baseline of your dogs health and when changes occur he can see right off that something is not normal from his baseline health.

Older dogs
Dogs at around 7 to 8 years of age start to have health problems. Sometimes these problems are just minor like getting fatty tumors but some are really serious.

If you feel a lump under the dog’s skin have it checked out. I found two types of lumps under my dog’s skin. One was a benign fatty tumor that was quite large and the other was a very hard lump the size of a pea.

I encourage you to check these out because it may not be a benign tumor, it might be cancer. Pay special attention to the animal's mouth, because tumors there tend to be the most serious. Other warning signs of cancer include foul odors or 'unusual discharge or bleeding.

If your dog seems to tire easily or be short of breath these could be signs of heart disease.

If your dog’s appetite changes or he/she won’t eat or drink water. This is very serious and can be anything from kidney failure to pancreatitis.

If your dog loses weight take her to the vet right away. this is not normal and you need to find the cause.

Your dog starts drinking a lot of water and urinating more frequently than usual. This could be a sign of kidney disease or diabetes.

High blood pressure, can be a problem as your pet ages. Just like with humans, high blood pressure can lead to blindness in dogs. Untreated, it can also lead to strokes, so it's worth catching early.

Exercise your dog!
It not only will help him keep in shape but it will keep you in shape too. My doctor asked me once how much I exercised and I told him that I walked my dog every day. He said to me that my dog “was probably saving my life” Wow! Those words stayed with me. We do a lot for our dogs and now we can see that daily walks not only help them stay in shape but help us stay healthy too! Exercise will help age-related disorders like arthritis or digestive problems. Walk your dog for at least 20 minutes twice a day. Take your ipod with you. Before you know it you will be walking more than 20 minutes a day and both of you will feel better. Any length of exercise is better than nothing. When it’s raining outside I go into the garage and throw the ball around for my dog to keep him in tip-tip shape. Read more about how important it is to walk your dog.

Don’t let your dog get fat.
In dogs, obesity is a big contributor to age-related problems like arthritis and heart disease. It can shorten his life span from 7 to 8 years. If your dog is a little piggy like mine is you have to not give in to his begging for food. It’s just not good for them and you have to stand your ground.

How can you tell if your dog is fat?
Feel for his ribs. If you can feel them and his stomach is concave rather than bulging then chances are your dog is not overweight. But if you can’t feel his ribs and the stomach is round and full looking, it might be time to put your dog on a senior diet that is high in fiber, which will help prevent constipation and improve digestion, making an older pet better able to absorb needed nutrients.

Worms, how did they get into my puppy?

It’s a simple answer really. Puppies have worms because when their mother has worm larvae inside her body. The worms in the mother are dormant until she starts lactating. Then the larvae become activated just before she gives birth. The worms travel to the milk and the puppies ingest the milk and the worms along with it.

There is just no getting around this. Your puppies will get worms from their mother.

That is why worming is so important. Many owners don’t think about it much but it is necessary to worm your dog or puppy to make sure they do not have any parasites, some of which can kill.

So you have to worm your puppy more than once. Usually the breeder (a good breeder) will have wormed the puppies at least two times. Then when you take your puppy to the vet, ask him about worming your puppy and how often after that as he gets older.

I sent away for a puppy from a breeder in Idaho. I trusted her to have wormed my puppy but she obviously didn’t because my puppy started vomiting and out came two 2 inch round worms. I was horrified and disgusted all at the same time.

My vet gave me some worming medicine and now the worms are gone.


Roundworms are the most common kind of puppy worms and most puppies are born with them because when a mother starts lactating the worms are activated. They can sometimes be seen in your puppy's feces, and are most often transmitted through contact with the worm eggs or larvae in the contaminated stools.


The most common type of tapeworm is spread by fleas. You can often see tapeworms (or segments of them) in your puppy's feces. They look like small grains of rice and are white in color.

Whip worms

Whipworms are common, but they are difficult to detect. If your dog has these parasites he may show few symptoms early on, but regular fecal exams are necessary to make sure he has no more occurrences.


The hookworm is a very, very tiny and very bad parasite. They do best in warm, moist soil and actually penetrate through your puppy's skin and then travel to his intestines.


Heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes and they're the most deadly of the dog parasites. Heartworms take up residence in your dog’s heart and can cause serious health problems and if left untreated, death. If you live in a tropical or humid climate, check for heartworms.

My brother’s dog died from heartworms in Hawaii. He will never forgive himself for her loss. She was a wonderful dog who died too early. Don’t make the same mistake. It’s all too easy to forget to check up on these things as our dogs don’t ask for much and can’t tell us they are not feeling well.

Remember to take your dog in for a yearly checkup. Most breeders do wormings on a regular basis to keep their dogs healthy.