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Labrador Retriever as a popular breed of dogs

Gun dogs are types of dogs that are developed to help hunters in finding and retrieving games. Gun dogs are of several types, one such type in the Labrador. Labrador is one of most popular breed of dogs that are considered to be very athletic, active and acts as guards at many homes.

Labrador Retriever Origin

Though the Labradors country of origin is Canada, the credit for all the active and smart work the Labradors does should go to the English man of the 18th century. Impressed by their skill and ability for retrieving anything, the speed at which it can move in water made the Englishman devote their entire time and energy in educating, developing and bringing this special breed of dog to what it is today. The Labradors are considered the best dog breed in assisting people in Australia, Canada, United States and the United Kingdom. Labradors are as well being used by the police force and other official bodies for the detecting and working capabilities.

Training for your Labrador Retriever

No dog is perfect and it’s the simple training that keeps this breed of dog as obedient and disciplined as we can expect it to be. When the Labradors does not anything you dislike, look straight into its eyes as if to say a firm No, and show him the correct way you want it to do it. The dog would observe it and do it correctly next time. Hitting the Labrador is no solution to any problem.

The first lesson that you need to teach your Labradors is that his washroom is outside, not inside your house. You can make him understand this by taking him out whenever you suspect him wanting to pass out and within the first 8 weeks; the Labrador would get into this habit. The Labradors would feel the need to pass out 5 minutes after eating, after playtime, before bed and immediately in the morning. So taking him out at these times will help him to get into this habit. The other important thing on training the Labradors is to praise him as often as possible. Whenever he does something as per your commands, praise as much as you can and the dog will slowly get into the habit of doing the way you like it.

Labradors love to swim. Teaching your Labradors how to swim can be quite a fun. Take him to the lake, along with another person. Carry your Labradors in your hand; secure your one hand at the Labradors tail and other just below its tummy. Lower the Labradors to touch the water and he would immediately move his paws and paddle in motion, start praising and encourage him to do the same. Once the balance is right in his movements, take your hand from the tummy and hold only its tail. Ask the other person to be present at the shore and ask him to call out for the Labrador. As you see the dog moving, slowly take off your hand from tail and follow it as he swims in water to reach the other person. On successfully reaching the shore, praise it like anything and he would love it. Repeat this training and each time increase the distance between the shore and your point at the water.

Labradors comes in four different colours such as black, chocolate, white and yellow. Today Labradors for its varied ability are considered as man best friend, be it young children or elders.

Safety & Security with Labrador Retriever

A labrador dog also known as the Labrador retriever is one of the varieties of a gun dog. For swimming, this breed of dogs has webbed paws and this is the most important characteristics of the Labrador. They are very much active and athletic and love to play and indulge in almost every kind of activities and with every age group of people. They are mostly used by people for protection of their homes. They have high detection power and are hence used by police and other official bodies in investigation related jobs. They are owned by almost every pet lover. The labrador dog was originally found on an island named as Newfoundland. They originated in the United Kingdom and Canada. Their average weight is about 35 kilograms and the average height of Labradors varies from 53 to about 65 centimeters. They have a short fur of hair on their body which is smooth, straight and dense. They have black, white, chocolate or yellow colored fur coating. Their average life span is about 13 years. Their body structure is generally large and hence they are used for security purposes. The Labradors shed their body hair two times in a year. The English and the American are the two main types of Labradors.

The people who own a labrador dog know one of the features of their dog which is their high intelligence. The Labradors are playful in nature and like to be interactive whole of their time. These dogs have to be trained properly by a proper trainer who knows how to train the dogs. A properly trained Labrador is the best friend of humans. Some common tips should be kept in mind while training a Labrador. The training should be started in the early age of the dog. This is because it is intelligent enough to follow the commands at this age. A proper voice tone should be used while giving the commands to the dog. If the dog shows behavioral changes then it means that there is some flaw in the training. It may not be getting proper attention and care which it expects or deserves. They should always be kept busy even if the dog feels tired. The excessive barking of the Labrador may also be avoided by training. They should be treated with utmost patience and care. Always remember that a dog cannot be trained overnight. It requires time and patience of the trainer.

Diet of a Labrador Retriever

During the training of a labrador dog, the most important consideration should be regarding the food which is to be provided to the dog. Most of the people prefer commercially packaged food which has different brands and types. Some people choose to give homemade food to their dogs. It should be kept in mind that whether the dog takes in homemade or commercial food, it should contain the correct proportions of all the nutrients. This will help your Labrador dog in its daily activities and growth. Thus, a labrador dog should be taken care of properly when it comes to feeding it with food.